Special Brands

In Special Brands we include plant foods from Companies who concentrated on specific area or specific stage of the plants. Some of them Brands have only one or few bottles, but they are can be very useful in every garden.

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GPF Uptake 1 Litre

GPF Uptake: What is it? GPF Uptake is a premium liguid fulvic acid or lower molecular weight humic ...

MASSIVE Bloom Formulation 1 Litre

MASSIVE BLOOM: What is it? Massive Bloom Formulation is the worlds best flowering additive. A high ...


Superthrive - the Essential Vitamin Solution. Secure your transplants, revive stressed plants and pr...
From £16.00

Terpinator 0.946 L

TERPINATOR is a plant nutrient formulated with potassium and naturally occurring compounds. Terpinat...

The Enhancer -CO2

The Enhancer product is made from all natural , 100% organic ingredients which when activated create...
£30.00 £19.00

Oxy Plus 12%

By keeping the growroom clean and hygenic the chance of pest and diseases is reduced greatly. Guard ...

Photosynthesis Plus 946ml

To the roots or to the leaves (foliage). Enhances plant functions at the foliage level and the root ...

Great white Mycorrhizae 907 gr

The endo and ecto mycorrhiza, beneficial bacteria and trichoderma build a microbial system in and on...
£220.00 £195.00

Orca Liquid Mycorrhizae 946 ml

The mycorrhizae build a microbial system in and on plant roots which enhance water and nutrient upta...