Explode 1 litre

Explode is the pre-eminently bloom stimulator, to give the plant in full bloom all the nutrients it needs in this phase. This blossom enricher, consisting of several micronutrients, vitamins and acids, gives the plant an explosive hardening of the blossom. Explode also improves the photosynthetic process and increases your plant`s resistance against fungin - and bacteria related diseases.
Manufacturer: Dutchpro
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Explode makes sure that a plant get all the necessary nutrients it needs for an explosive hardening of the blossom. 

Explode also stimulates the production of green pigment and the amount of chlorophyll turns water and nutrients into glucose. This with the results that light, carbon dioxide, and water & nutrients are being transformed in even more glucose, so that your blossom and fruits increase explosively in weight and taste.

Suited for: Every irrigation system.

Dosage; 100 ml per 100 litres water (1:1000)