CANNA Bio Terra Plus Soil Mix

The ultimate organic pre-fertilised soil. BioTerra is specially formulated for use with BIOCANNA's nutrients. When used with thse nutrients, new and experienced growers alike will achieve the optimum results possible with organic production.

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Canna Bio Terra soil mix

Premium certified 100% organic soil from top brand Canna.

The highest quality white peat sourced from only a select few locations around the world provides superior airation. This peat has much longer fibres which are light and airy which is highly benificial to the plant. Contains tree bark which provides plentiful anti fungal properties to keep your grow safe from fungal contaminants. Because lower quality bark can commonly cause harmful moulds to attack plants, this Bio Terra soil from Canna only uses specialised 100% organic bark which naturally has antiseptic properties.

The long structured fibres of the award winning Canna Natural are added to this soil which is 100% organic and is proven to balance and enrich this soil with benificial micro organisms which illiminates known and common disease from soil. Better airation of roots and better structural release of nourishment from the substrate itself.

The automatic balancing attributes of the contents of this substrate means that if the grower places less nutrients than the plant needs then the subtrate will naturally begin to release its 100% organic nutrients into the plant. It does this through the grow space climate and slow release. This soil has the ability to naturally correct any mistakes in your plants feeding cycles.

This is a self regulating soil makes it very difficult to make any nutrient/feeding accidents and mistakes.