Canna Bio Flores 1L

Bio Flores was developed for the blooming phase of fast growing plants. Bio Flores contains a hop extract. Due to the fact that Bio Flores contains a hop extract it provides many of the necessary minerals and in the correct proportions.
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Bio Flores 1L

A great flower booster from CANNA. A specially designed 100% organic nutrient for the flowering phase of your plants. It contains hop extracts and vegetable minerals created organically by a specialised fermentation process. Stimulates for fast plant growth while strengthening the stem, root structure and immunity of your plants against known disease. Due to the rich essential oils and minerals in Bio Flores the taste and fragrance of your plants crop will also be increased.Promotes the health of benificial micro-organisms in your plants roots which promote healthy roots and allows your plant to better absorb the minerals and vitamins present in this Bio Flores booster.

Directions of use

Contains neutral pH controlled by naturally occuring fermented fruit acids for the peace of mind of the grower, so no need to worry about your pH levels.

Shake well before use
Dissolve approximately 40 ml concentrate per 10 L of water (1:250)
Depending on pot and plant size feed 1-3 times a week when using a fertile soil
Use up mixed solution within 24 hours
Feed by drip irrigation: To prevent blockages always rinse out the pipes with water

For any more information/advice please contact a member of our team here at I.O.G on 02866228008

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