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12" ( 300mm ) Ram Eco Fan

Rapid Air Movement. 40w Eco compact Fan, ideal for grow rooms and grow tents.300mm blades and louvr...
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12" Floor Air Circulator

Power: 55w 3 Fan speed settings. 360* Tilt adjustable head. Fitted with 1.8m power cord and plug....
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Digital Thermometer - Hydrometer

Temperature Display. Time and Date.Records and display Humidity readings from 25% to 98%. Displays t...
Availability: Out of stock

Grow room Heater

Keep the Greenhouse temperatures under control with the Greenhouse Heater. Robust, reliable and easy...
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Hanger Ratchets pack of 2

150 LB capacity Pack of 2 Ratchets Features metal carbine hooks and fully adjustable rope length.
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HR-15 Professional Humidifire

Coverage : 15-30 sq.meters (160-320sq ft) Power supply: 110V/50HZ or 220V/60HZ Humidification ca...
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LUMii Growroom Lenses are designed to allow you to view your crop in a more natural light as they re...
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Ram - Clip on Fan 6"

The RAM Clip On Fan has a quality high output with quiet motor and sturdy clips. This 150mm (6") fan...
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SCISSORS Chikamasa

Agriculture scissors. Loved by our customers!Pruning, cutting, trimming.
Availability: In stock

WatchBot HD CCTV Camera

Remotely access and control your WatchBot from anywhere!Simple setup-within seconds! record video an...
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£120.00 £50.00

Work Light Green LED

The LUMii Green LED Work Light. Rechargable ULTRA BRIGHT 10w green LED flood light. Perfect for chec...
Availability: In stock

YoYo - Plant support, Packet of 10

Support, secure, and train plants into the ideal position for your growing space. Self-tightening m...
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Aqua King Sprayer 8 Litres

Aquaking Pressure Sprayer 5 Litre This pressure sprayer is ideal for spraying water, fertilisers, h...
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£28.00 £21.00


The AirDome is the perfect accessory to all type growers(soil or hydroponics). It has been designed ...
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Root Control Copper Discs pack of 10-Square

These discs are black & gold in colour and are placed in the tray underneath the pot, gold face up. ...
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Green LED head torch

The handy LUMii Green Head Torch allows you to safely access the growing area without having to inte...
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The Oksinto PRO H420 Pruning Scissors are comfortable to use with a soft gripper handle and a finger...
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Tornado DC 18" Wall Fan

DC powered fans are regarded as the most efficient as they consume significantly less power than AC ...
Availability: In stock

HygroThermo Premium

Indoor Thermometer with hygrometer Recording Maximum/Minimum readings every day Probe included 1.5...
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